About Aamir

I've seen three startups up-close as an early software engineer, product manager, and founder who does a lot of random stuff.

I helped build a team of over 100 people at Dropcam who re-framed a market, defined a product category, and changed millions of lives and homes by providing safety and security. We joined Google and re-branded as Nest Cam and Nest Aware in 2014. One successful acquisition ($555MM) and one unsuccessful integration later, I left in 2015.

I've mentored and advised 50+ founders. I help them raise funding, learn to lead, and build good products and teams.

I've been the funder as an angel investor and venture capitalist at Felicis Ventures. From top-tier investors, I learned how to look at companies and markets for VC-desired outcomes. And what stories a company needs to tell for this type of funding.

I love helping founders today, especially if:

  • they are bootstrapping and building companies that grow sustainably

  • they are working on climate technologies that are not financial instruments

  • they are working on machine learning and artificial intelligence applications that help us make better decisions and work better, not just delegate decision-making to a black-box statistical model.

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Dad, OG Houstonian, now Oaklandish, startup engineer/product/founder with random musings